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l'amour ne dure pas toujours

Haha....I'm such a fucking loser....

my 13 year old self is dying right now. I always wanted to get my shoutout on TRL back when it was good and Carson was the host. But it never happened. But he just tweeted me...and called me Jess. I'm going to bed very happy. :D And yes, I realize I'm a dork, and if you don't want to be my friend anymore...I'm okay with that. ;)

And I will probably be psyched about this all the rest of this crazy ass week. Haha. I need the little things in life! 
So this past weekend I went to one of my favorite cities in the world...New York. (duh)
Thursday: PR group was cancelled...so we had the idea to drink before leaving. We hoped it would make us pass out on the bus. Instead, it just made us late. :( The bus ride was really long because there were a bunch of people I can't stand making commentary of everything we were watching. It was annoying and all I wanted to do was sleep.
Friday: We stopped in Jersey to change. At like 6:00 in the morning. I wasn't getting paid to be up at that time. Therefore, I wasn't too happy. Once again..I almost missed the bus! We got to the city earlier than expected. We were in Lincoln Tunnel around 7:30, and at the hostel by 8:30. We didn't plan on being there until 10. So there was lots of sleeping. Also trying to figure out rush/student ticket policies for various shows. Stupid Phantom...
During the day, I went to visit MTVu and R/GA. MTVuCollapse )
After MTVu, we headed out to visit R/GA. R/GACollapse )
After our visits, we pretty much had the rest of the weekend to ourselves. Friday night, we headed down to Little Italy for dinner. I had gnochi to die for. It was perfect. I loved trying to pick a resturant. Everyone kept offering us free stuff...we settled on one with free wine! After dinner some of us girls went shopping (round 1). Got some Chanel earings and a pashmina and then we went to Times Square for a while. We spent an hour in Sephora. I was super excited because they had Black Honey almost lipstick. Then we headed uptown to the hostel. We were all exhausted! 
Saturday: Woke up late, so I didn't get breakfast. We headed to the Neaderlander for Guys and Dolls rush. We had no problem getting tickets for that nights show. Following a quick coffee break, we split up. Kelsey, Kayla, Christina and I headed down to Canal Street and the shady shopping began. I got some Chanel No.5 and a Coach wristlet and sunglasses. From there it was time to head back to Times Square for a group dinner. It was horrible. The girls and I headed over to 5th Avenue. Whooo...Tiffany! I spent forever in there trying to pick something out. I settled on the small bow necklace. It is for sure one of my favorites now.
Guys and DollsCollapse ) Upright Citizen's BrigadeCollapse )
Sunday: Woke up, packed, about broke my suitcase! Went with Ian, Lindsay, KP, Christi and Christine. We went searching for a place to eat and ended up in Greenwich. We ate at the Waverly Cafe. We sat in a booth, and there was a little boy right behind us that kept staring at us. We started talking to him and then his mom joined in. We sat and talked with them for a while. After they left, we realized that it was Jill Hennessy from Crossing Jordan and Law and Order. She was really nice and her little boy is adorable. After a delicious breakfast (I'm going back there next year for sure!) we did some more shopping in the area. There were so many cute shops. This area is for sure one of my new favorite places. It was all very cute to be honest...
Somehow, we ended up back on Canal...and I bought a new purse. And then it was time to head home. At which point I got sick

This could be some of the worst writing I've ever done, but oh well, I just wanted to get stuff written before I forgot. :\ I had a blast and can't wait to go back next year! 

ETA!: Pictures

Carlton Cuse is my producer boyfriend.

And he is so...tall. :D 

http://twitpic.com/4ncpo :D2:12 AM May 6th from TweetDeck
According to Carlton, the fact that Dan's voice is heard in the comic con video is a continuity error...I typed out the wrong thing #lost11:28 PM May 5th from TweetDeck
I am very proud of myself. I only fangirl-ed it up once I was home. Now I have to settle down, eat dinner, and study!11:20 PM May 5th from TweetDeck
I JUST HUGGED CARLTON CUSE! No less than 10 What the Whats from Follow the Leader...amazing episode setting up for an AMAZING finale. #lost11:16 PM May 5th from TweetDeck
Video from comic con is not cannon #lost10:28 PM May 5th from TwitterFon
Q and A over. Now it's time for Follow the Leader #lost10:07 PM May 5th from TwitterFon
Polar bear officially confirmed as runaway Dharma leftovers. And (joking?) about that a bear went through the portal to the desert #lost10:06 PM May 5th from TwitterFon
Reiterating that the extras (games books experience) are not needed to understand the show and producers don't have much say over them #lost9:55 PM May 5th from TwitterFon
@ncjensen straight from Carlton's mouth. He's 10 feet away from me at the moment.9:54 PM May 5th from TwitterFon in reply to ncjensen
Being very evasive about Claire. And made a joke about Libby. And the show taking place in Vincents head. #lost9:52 PM May 5th from TwitterFon
Regret of Michigan to please the OSU crowd? Haha...lots of random questions. Carlton is very funny IRL and w/out Damian.Not that surprising9:46 PM May 5th from TwitterFon
Lots of note taking. Unlike the class I actually have in this room...9:43 PM May 5th from TwitterFon
What Locke saw in the smoke during season 1 is coming up. As well as Henry Gale. The real one. #Lost9:41 PM May 5th from TwitterFon
So far nothing new has been brought up. Rose, Bernard, Vincent and the statue. #lost9:37 PM May 5th from TwitterFon
Lost time bitches.9:02 PM May 5th from TwitterFon
http://twitpic.com/4mtq1 - Insert Carlton here#Lost8:53 PM May 5th from TwitPic
This time tomorrow I'll be on a bus, almost to PA, heading to New York City! Psyched x 100

Thank God I chose Ohio State....

and not Ashland. I've been reminicing about the sweet things I've done here over the past 3 years, both within the university and in Columbus. If I would have gone to Ashland, this stuff would have never happened...and I would be a sadder person for it.
1. Attended one of the best college football games EVER (Ohio State/Michigan 2006)
2. Watched Greg Oden when he could play... (Ohio State Basketball 2006-2007)
3. Justin Timberlake concert (Futuresex/Lovesounds Tour)
4. Musicals! (Spamalot, Avenue Q, and Spring Awakening)
5. Have classes with my favorite football player (James Laurenaitis. God the man is goregous. Go St. Louis Rams!)
6. New York City, and touring R/GA and MTVU
7. Mindy Kaling and Craig Robinson. (Ladies take your panties off...)
8. That time I met Lance Armstrong
9. That time I ran into Anthony Rapp on the Oval when he was campaigning for Obama.
10. Getting to talk to Gordon Gee.
11. Shows from Jon Stewart (I want to have his babies!) Demetri Martin, Jimmy Fallon, and Joel McHale. For free.
12. Carlton Cuse previewing LOST's long awaited Richard episode for us....

13. Meeting some awesome people I get to call my friends.
I love my school and I can't believe I just scheduled my last fall quarter here. I'm going to miss it immensly. :(

LOST tomorrow night! New York City Thursday night. Whoo!

Writer's Block: In a Jam

If you were in trouble or ran afoul of the law, which fictional detective or investigator—from tv, movies, or books—would you want to help you?

Charlie Crews.
Or Veronica Mars.
Or Shawn Spencer. And Burton Guster. Cause they're like a team. A twofer.

OR....a dream team combination of Charlie Crews, Veronica Mars, and Shawn/Gus.

Writer's Block: Almost Famous

What celebrity do you think looks like you? What celebrity do other people say you look like?
I don't think I look like anyone and I've never been told otherwise. On the other hand, I wish I looked like Tina Fey.

Writer's Block: Desert Island Time

You're packing your bag for that magical desert island that happens to have electricity, a TV, and a DVD player—what five DVDs do you take with you?
1. Gone With the Wind
2. Pride and Prejudice (BBC version)
3. Princess Bride
4. August Rush
5. Band of Brothers.

Writer's Block: More Island Time

You're packing your bag for that other desert island—the one with no electricity—what 5 books do you take with you?
1. Jane Austen Collection
2. Lousia May Alcott Collection
3. Harry Potter Collection (Not bound together like the other two. But they are all boxed together really neatly. Counts as 1 book...)
4. Gone With the Wind.
5. Living on a Desert Island for Dummies.

Seriously...that was too easy. :)

Writer's Block: AKA

What's the story behind your username?
We had a mini-discussion about this the other day...mine is so boring. Jesslyn=Jessica Lynn mashed together. 87=birthyear 06=graduation year.